The Joys of Retail Therapy

The Joys of Retail Therapy


I love to shop. And I am not a snob when it comes to style. I love to mix and match pieces, and not everything needs to be couture or big label. I’ll buy anything from high-end designers—I love Jay Mendel and Donna Karan—to cool clothes I find at places like Zara and H &M.

In fact, this faux Chanel bracelet in this picture is one of my new favorites that I like to wear almost daily. I got it at a little LA boutique called Soto that specializes in cool clothes at very sensible prices.

I wear a variety of looks but I am particularly fond of easy sleeveless or strapless dresses that skim the body. They don’t have to be skin tight! And FYI, I don’t waste a minute worrying about size. Who cares what number is sewn into the label? If it looks good and makes you feel great, that number should not dictate how any woman feels about herself. If it fits and works, then you should go for it.

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