Sometimes you just gotta listen

Sometimes you just gotta listen

I really love listening to music. I like to play it frequently. The first day after my kids go to spend time with their dad, I’m tired, and I do enjoy the peace and quiet. But sometimes it makes me sad, too. I really miss my sons when they aren’t home. But if I play music and light candles, it feeds my spirit and my soul.

I love music that really says something and makes you reflect on old times. I love R & B. I listen to Maxwell, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Beverly and Mays, Sade (Adu), Annie Lennox and Alicia Keys. In fact, listen to “The Diary of Alicia Keys” over and over again. Oh, and I love, love love love love Jill Scott!

The beautiful noise of my boys’ laughter is my favorite soundtrack. But when they’re not with me, I’m grateful for music. There’s something about the mixture of these great voices and their soulful tunes that uplifts and comforts me.

© 2013 Garcelle Beauvais


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