My Green, Green Grass

My Green, Green Grass

Here’s another saying I absolutely love: “You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green.”

We tend to get caught up in everything that’s wrong. It’s easy to make a list of what’s missing. We chase the things that we think would make our lives perfectly complete and happy. It’s especially easy to do this when we look around at other people who have things we may want. They may have the doting spouse, the perfect body, a thriving career or an incredible home. And we may not have all of these things. But we don’t live their lives. We’re not in their worlds or their heads or their problems. And for all we know, others may be looking at you or me and wishing they had what we have.

Investing in yourself will make your life better. Whether that means taking care of your financial, emotional or physical health, when you work to improve any particular area of your life, you will generally reap the rewards of such efforts. So don’t be afraid to discuss your debt with a financial profession. Join the gym you’ve been eyeing. Discuss your health concerns or goals with your doctor.

Make a list of all the wonderful things you do have. (It will likely far exceed the list of what you don’t.) And perhaps, most importantly, be grateful for what you’ve got. Part of enjoying life is relishing everything you have that is good. Sometimes, it’s just good to appreciate everything that is wonderful about the world around us.

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  1. Ru2u247 says:

    Love this saying as well and I totally agree. The grass on the other side may look greener…but the water bill is probably higher…and the grass may actually be fake..nothing but turf!

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