My first book “I Am Mixed” set to debut August 7

My first book “I Am Mixed” set to debut August 7

I am so excited to announce that “I Am Mixed,” the first book of my new “I am” series, will be released on August 7. Those of you with Kindles, iPads and other eReaders can order now. I wrote this in collaboration with the wonderfully creative Sebastian A. Jones, publisher of Stranger Kids, the children’s division of Stranger Comics.

“I Am Mixed” follows the adventures of siblings Jay and Nia, who are children of mixed races. All children are unique in their own ways. And this book is all about celebrating what your mommy and daddy gave you, not only how you look, but also where you came from. “I Am Mixed” focuses on and celebrates the diversity that exists in the lives of today’s children. James C. Webster’s fantastic illustrations bring to life the vivid descriptions that I’ve written in kid-friendly language.

As the mommy of biracial twins Jax and Jaid, I wrote this because, really, we couldn’t find any books that represented my own children. We wanted to see a reflection of ourselves in the books we read together. And we are definitely not alone. People have often asked me if I had found books to share with my young sons that talk about and celebrate their mixed heritage.

We’re all a melting pot of scrumptious treats, and “I Am Mixed” uses candy and other kid-friendly metaphors to make it relatable to children. The book is appropriate for youngsters from ages 4 to 7. The back of the book has a page for readers to create their own unique family trees and there’s also a place where kids can complete a little survey about themselves.

For me, the book is about starting a conversation about why we look the way we do and who we are. It’s also about having compassion for people you don’t know or people who look different from them. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

For more information on “I Am Mixed” or to learn how purchase click here.

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