More pics from the People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful Photo Shoot

More pics from the People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful Photo Shoot

garcelle-people-6I’ve been blown away by all of the amazing support and comments on my social media platforms about the People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful Women issue. You guys are just the best!

It’s truly a dream come true for me and I can’t thank you enough. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few more pictures that were taken behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot – you won’t see them anywhere else – only on!


With my glam squad: Richard Marin and D’Andre Michael.






  1. Gibson Aristide says:


  2. Heaven. I used to believe there was a tie between Garcelle and Halle, well that tie has been broken. She is so beautiful. Top ten in the world easily.

  3. salaam Rivers says:

    very beautiful miss Garcelle there is no words to express the beauty that I see

  4. Olivia Battle says:

    Hi Garcelle,
    I was googling articles on divorce and somehow came across your blog. I believe it was on People magazine’s website from 2 years ago. It’s so crazy I came across your story today as your book came out “I am Living in 2 Homes”, which I am purchasing right now on amazon. I can soooooooo relate to you! I just left my husband almost 2 months ago due to his emotianal and sometimes physical abuse. The final straw was when he went off on one of our twins for not wanting to eat. I have 2 year old fraternal twin boys too! Your boys are so adorable and remind me of mine so much. My twins are completely opposite. I am black but light skinned with my parents being from Louisiana. My soom to be ex’s father is black while his mother is half Hawaiian and half Phillipino so you can only imagine what our twins look like. Anywho I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful for coming across your story today and saw this book. Even though my boys are only 2 I still think they can benefit from this book. I look forward to more books that they can relate to in your “I am” series. Reading your story gives me hope that I can successfully raise my boys in a happy and healthy environment even if me and their dad do not live under the same roof.

    Thank you!
    Olivia Battle

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