Life’s a Beach (or it should be)

Life’s a Beach (or it should be)

One of my favorite things to do is go to the beach. Everybody is always happy at the beach. It’s a great outing for my boys and me. They get lots of exercise and sunshine. And, after running around, splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand, they sleep so well. Hallelujah! It’s amazing how some of the best things in life are truly free.

We go to Will Rogers State Beach because its parking lot is the closest to the actual beach. As a parent, you have to carry a lot—towels umbrellas, pails shovels, and lots of snacks. Often I also have to carry a child or two because complain the sand is too hot!

But even with all of the activity and excitement and activity we get when we’re at the beach, it’s also a very tranquil place. And during the summer, it’s the best location to enjoy the mild weather, the natural “air-conditioning” provided by the sea breeze.

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